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Created in 2016 from some pretty cool lineage...an unholy alliance between Australia and the USA... they say you are what you eat - well, amongst other nice/nasty things we ate a lotta KISS, Cooper, ’70s British glam rock, Pistols, NIN/Manson ... it doesn’t sound like any of these..., but a little all of them, if you listen carefully.

Harking back to better days - a time when rock n roll was a middle finger/attitude was "we’re not changing ANYTHING"/we are what we are - and bands could play with fire and perform with fire... you’ll see it’s... different...but... take us to heart and you’ll NEVER let go. Music. Show. Passion. Rare commodities in today’s safe music scene...and that has nothing to do with ‘origin-ality’- but more to do with your own personal take on the speed wagon you choose to drive - we have... really... NOTHING TO LOSE. So come aboard and have some guilty fun. You can always repent later.

Indy intro single/video ‘My Ruin’ released 2017- search iTunes and Dept.of Gloom Tube on Youtube.com

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